Happy New Year

We woke up in this New Year to a thin coat of fresh powder. Just after dawn we let out the turkeys, chickens, goats and sheep, and took note of the fox tracks around the turkey house. Tyler and I took a walk around the property to take in the landscape. It didn’t take long for the sun to melt the snow off the trees and some of the ground, so I was glad to have captured a few choice views from around the place.

Common house

Barn Reflection

Chicken tractor

<Turkeys free ranging

ReflectionLately the farm has been experiencing a rest period. For the holidays the White Oak crew returned to their respective families, and we left the critters in the diligent care of two farm sitters. In the last week or so we’ve all returned. Now the wood stoves are roaring and the smell of woodsmoke is in the air. We’re looking forward to another year crammed with possibilities for White Oak Farm. So far Tyler and Taylor have laid plans for a brand new extended natural building internship, we’re taking applications for farm interns, and Courtney, an intern from Summer 2010, is taking on the role of Education Coordinator. Stay tuned!

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